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Barbie Doll Laundry Day Routine – Toy Washing Machine Laundry Mat Playset

Barbie, Chelsea Skipper and Stacie go to the laundry mat to wash their clothes. Oh no! Chelsea forgot the laundry detergent. They use the vending machine to get coins and detergent. Barbie and her sisters use the washing machine toy! Chelsea and Stacie make up games to play while they wait for their laundry....

Barbie VS Chelsea Vehicles Toys, New Barbie goodies Unboxing Tia toys and crafts

Barbie doll Vs Chelsea Dreamhouse Airplane ,Dreamhorse Doll Play Toy Vehicles for Kids.Barbie Goodies Unboxing.

Barbie Pop Up Camper 2015 Unboxing and Tour- Barbie Dolls Life in The Dreamhouse

2015 NEW Barbie Pop Up Camper , with 3 level play fun for Barbie Dolls Glam camping. Barbie Dolls in this videos are from Barbie Life In the Deamhouse, including Barbie, Skipper and Chelsea. The camper was featured in the movie Barbie and her sisters in the great puppy adventure. This is a Youtube...


Loves it!!! So many people wanted to see a new collab with my BFF Sailorb1959, and we thought this was the perfect opportunity since we ordered all of these hot vintage retro 90s Barbie and Clueless dolls together!!!! Which ones are your faves?! Follow me! https://www.instagram.com/itsalexb/ https://twitter.com/itsalexb Snapchat: Alexbabs12345 Follow Sailor! https://www.youtube.com/user/sailorb1959 https://www.instagram.com/sailorb1959/

Barbie Clothes Haul from Walmart ! Doll Outfits + Doll Accessories UNBOXING

Barbie and Ken try on these adorable new clothes! I went on a Walmart toy hunt and it turned into a Walmart Barbie haul! I got a ton of adorable outfits for Barbie and Ken which they try on for you in this video. But that's not all! I also got a ton of...

DC Wonder Woman Queen Hippolyta Holiday Barbie Doll Makeover Unboxing Review

DC Wonder Woman Queen Hippolyta Doll Celebrate Wonder Woman and recreate thrilling new movie battles with this highly collectible, true to scale 12 inch fashion figure. Queen Hippolyta wears her iconic war outfit and comes with a sword and shield. Her powerful white steed is armored for battle with head guard, straps and saddle. You...

New Barbie Dolls unboxing | Dress Up Mirai Suenaga Anniversary Smart Doll

New Barbie Dolls unboxing | Dress Up Mirai Suenaga Anniversary Smart Doll -https://youtu.be/QFKImi8AoPE

Barbie Star Light Adventure Dolls Unboxing & Review Galactic Twins, Sprites & More

I am so excited about Barbie's new doll line, Star Light Adventure. I love this outer space theme, and the dolls are all so fun. I love the glittery designs, and fun colors. In this video I am unboxing and reviewing Barbie, Galactic Prince, Galaxy Twins, and two sprites. I look forward to watching...

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