SUPER COOL SQUISHIES!! || Orb Squishy Review Package!

Hello kawaii club if you want to become a member of the kawaii club all you have to do is subscribe to my channel and turn on the post notifications! Website to order these cool products : Roblox: Xx_MoonlightzxX Tik tok: kawaiikayla53

Panda Bun Squishy Review + Squishy Experiment – KawaiixCandy

Name: Panda Bun Jumbo Store: KawaiixCandy Kiosk Location (Every Saturday): Stonestown Galleria Mall Kiosk Address (Every Saturday): 3251 20th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132 Store Location:1500 Taraval St. San Francicso, CA 94116 Price: $5.99 Scent: Sweet (good!) Dimensions: 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches Texture: A really smooth; sponge-y texture (feels sooo nice :P ) Squishy-ness: Squishy Defects & Durability: Gets a little crackle-y...

Squishy ASMR – Shopkin Squishy Review ( No Talking)

Hey guys! In this video I showed the four shopkin squishies that I bought from Amazon, it was actually a while back when I haven't start to upload videos on to YouTube. But anyways, hope this video helped you relax and stay tune for next video!


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DAPET BANYAK SQUISHY?!?! #1 Review Package from (Indonesia)

#ToastBox ☆ Hellloo, Everyone •o• Di Video kali ini aku dapet review package dari Thank You Banget udh kasih Review Package ini! Semua squishy-nya itu High Quality Kalau Penasaran Aku Dapet Squishy apa aja JUST KEEP WATCHING(^O^) ^v^v^v^v^v^v Watch in HD ^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^ Website : Banggood Squishies: Banggood Toys: |Watch| Previous Video: •Social Media• ID LINE : @pyy8427j (with @) Snapchat : alval2302_fd Instagram : @aliavalishaa FAQ: ~Age(Umur)? 11 ~Birthday(Ulang Tahun)? 23 February ~Country(Negara)? INDONESIA🇲🇨...


REVIEW SQUISHY GIÁ RẺ TỪ SHOP TIỆM GẤU ?! Quen Lắm À Nghen Các Gấu bé có thể ghé thăm Tiệm Gấu của 2 anh tại Facebook, Instagram hoặc Shoppee nhé! Hi vọng 2 anh sớm mở được cửa hàng thiệc để các em có thể qua chơi ^_^ 🎄 Facebook Tiệm Gấu ▶ 🎄 Instagram...


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Smooshy Mushy Squishy Besties Series 4 Blind Bag Toy Review | PSToyReviews

Join the PSToyReviews Crew - subscribe here Today we are opening up a full box of Smooshy Mushy Besties series 4. These blind bag squishies are so much fun. There is a rare one to collect as well. Let's see if we can find a complete set....

PULUHAN SQUISHY LICENSED ?!?! #6 Review Package from !!!

#ToastBox ☆ Hellloo, Everyone •o• Di Video kali ini, Aku bakalan buka paket lagi dari , thank you banget bangood udah mau kirim paket ini ke aku :) Kalau Penasaran Kayak gimana videonya JUST KEEP WATCHING (^O^) ^v^v^v^v^v^v Watch in HD ^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^ Giveaway ini bakalan ditutup & diumumin tanggal 10 Juni 2017 (Giveaway sudah ditutup & diumumkan) |Watch| Previous Video...

HUGE RARE SQUISHY PACKAGE! Banggood squishy review package 📦

Pineapple Donut: red apple: Ice cream: Dreamy sheep: Colossal Bread: Strawberry Cake: Mango: Cake Roll: 20%off for Vlampo squishies: 1c1d59 8%off for all squishies: 8squishy

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