Wow! A little girl gets attacked by the coolest toy dinosaurs ever! But not really as it’s just pretend play for kids. The Jurassic World Indominus Rex Robotic Collectible Edition by Spinmaster is so cool looking and comes with a controller to try and tame the dinosaur toy and can move on its own. The Zoomer Boomer Dinosaur also has a remote control and is so awesome allowing you to pretend play in a prehistoric setting. Both Zoomer Dino toys can be sent into angry mode – watch the dinosaur go crazy attacking, thrashing, and chomping anything in sight. Hailey also had surprise toys from Jurassic World in blind bags. The Jurassic World toy surprises looked scary and were fun to play with. The Tiger Tail Chomplingz Z-Rex and exclusive from Toys R Us Zoomer Chomplingz Stealth are so cool too. The dinosaurs can play games, make fart noises, be set to guard mode to scare your sister or bother or even parents, gross fart sounds, and much more. These toys are so much fun to play with and great for pretend playing around the house. The Spinmaster Zoomer Dino Jurassic World Indominus Rex and Chomplingz Z-Rex dinosaur toys would make a great Christmas present for boys or holiday gift for children that love dinosaurs.

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