Ferrara Market Mystery Box July 2018 Unboxing! Theme Disney

So far so good on the Ferrara Market mystery box. This one is Disney themed so lets see what $19.99 gets us. This is also available in Canada and the UK links are below. Enjoy!

If you want one there are 3 different versions depending on location.

U.S.A. https://www.ferraramarketinc.com/blogs/ferrara-box-1

Canada https://www.ferraramarketinc.com/blogs/ferrara-box-canada

U.K. https://www.ferraramarketinc.com/blogs/ferrara-box-uk

So give them a try and see what you think.
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2 thoughts on “Ferrara Market Mystery Box July 2018 Unboxing! Theme Disney”

  1. We forgot to mention these mystery boxes are available in Canada and UK as well. Links are above, and Thanks for watching!

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