Hot Topic Disney Treasures Under The Sea Unboxing!

Here’s a closer look at the Hot Topic exclusive Disney Treasures box!

17 thoughts on “Hot Topic Disney Treasures Under The Sea Unboxing!”

  1. What's amazing is, my hot topic has no clue about this and did not get any, and nothing is on the website about it. This change up sucks as I was a pioneer member that has still not gotten the pioneer gift, and cant continue the collection because I cant get it locally or on the hot topic website.

    Awesome job starting something then dumping it on a retailer making it not possible to continue.

  2. The mouth makes it look weird, I know it makes sense cause it’s supposed to be the voice and stuff but… eh

  3. I'm not so sure about the mouth on Ariel, I like it, but then I don't. Other than that, the pop is very cool. I love how they did her hair and the waves. Keep it up funko I love you guys.

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