Peeling Squishies?! Huge Squishy Haul!

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tell me all about it ♡
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16 thoughts on “Peeling Squishies?! Huge Squishy Haul!”

  1. I have a gudetama makeup bag from ipsy! Hes like a sunny side egg though lol. I didnt know it was a thing really

  2. I love the peeling one but I think I could be scared to peel something that if you use could not be turn back as originally was. Ps nice nails! Love the neon color!

  3. Give me a second , it's going to take a few minutes lol you're funnyb. The panda squishy squeeze toy and the others like him would be greAt for my autistic son. Where did you buy it? Love seeing your squishy hauls

  4. Prefer top have the normal uploads than no uploads.. <3 I never wanted you to change but do it if it makes you happy

  5. I HAVE TO KNOW what Polish you're wearing?! I commented this the same day you uploaded, but its lost in the sea of comments.. Love you Bunny!

    you should do YouNow or Instagram live if you feel like hanging out like this! I enjoy the video but I've been a subscriber for a really long long time but I don't think I've ever seen you stream. I'd love to like communicate back and forth with you. ♥_♥
    no pressure honestly, it's okay if you don't want to.

  7. I think the panda squishy is a bun and it has red bean paste so the little face is a red bean. It's so cute ❤

  8. I’ve decided I need a squishy. For my sanity…lol..they look like fun to squish which I guess is the point…lol.

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