Toy Tokyo Funko Pop Mystery Box Unboxing x3

Toy Tokyo Mystery Box Lot of 3 Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

These each cost $29.99 + ~$11 Shipping. Each box comes with 3 pops and has a chance to get Chase and/or Limited Edition and/or Exclusive Pops. Not sure what the actual chances or odds are.


20 thoughts on “Toy Tokyo Funko Pop Mystery Box Unboxing x3”

  1. That Bob Ross was interesting! Funny how your Porg kept wanting to hog the limelight. I opened some Shumi mysterious boxes on my channel the other day which seemed decent, with a chance to get chases and other prizes. They also guarantee a chase if you buy six of the same Pop, presumably because they come in cases of 6 and the chases are usually 1 in 6.

  2. I think it's wrong for them to charge you shipping for each box but then send you everything in one box.

  3. Thank you for doing this video! Is a realistic look at these mystery boxes, which provided really useful information to collectors out there. Keep up the amazing job!

  4. I didn't want to get into POP collecting…but getting the ferrara box and now this option…I might have to start getting more pop mystery boxes. Love getting em XD

  5. Thx for doing that. I was 1 of the ppl saying those sent the box by the co. got way better stuff than the average customer would. Just way too good to b what most would get. U got low end common stuff & some ok exclusives. Well done. Space ghost is ok tho.

  6. Charging you shipping on each item, but shipping everything in the same box is super shady, imo. But being shady is pretty much par for the course with Toy Tokyo. I like that Space Ghost pop though.

  7. I do like that Megaman. Ohh I also liked space ghost and that version is cool. As for price they both are about $25 according to ppg. Actually px previews are exclusives that are supposed to be only at comic book stores. But Entertainment Earth gets them also. Suprse Suprise you didnt get a Chase but you did get 3 or 4 exclusives and they were all of decent value except for Carrie Kelley Robin.Well Bob Ross was so so value wise. I totally agree with the Entertainment Earth, I usually buy 2 or 3 and have gotten most of my chases from EE. Thanks

  8. Since you've said you're a big fan of the Hulk. What do you think of him getting the crap beat out of his in the first 5-10 minutes of the movie & then not wanting to come out again throughout the movie?? Lol

    Also, there's rumors World Breaker Hulk will be in Avengers 4 (I don't think he will be) what do you think of that??

  9. Eh maybe not the best mystery box. But that’s probably because I don’t like getting really random pops lol

  10. I LOVE how the Porg is all decorated. I noticed it right away. I also like your shirt.
    I love that you are so honest on here. You want us to know the truth. Great video!

  11. I got the chase gold astro boy when I bought mine I also got the gts exclusive diy bob Ross and if u have the target red card u can pre order the red card exclusive infinity war movie and what makes it a red card exclusive is that it comes with a target exclusive red chrome iron man pop

  12. Happy belated mothers day. Yes, you are a mama to a beautiful fur baby and beautiful god children.❤❤

  13. Great videos as always. I agree with you. I’m glad you did this unboxing for us. Like when you talk about things. Like others said you don’t have to apologize for taking time for yourself, we understand. I’ve been seeing a lot of things about Shumi toy store and they are in California. They have mystery boxes often. Have you heard anything about them?

  14. great shirt you have on, also love the mini snes box in the shelf. what games have you been playing on it ? love the thunder-beam mega man pop, would be great to see more of the mega man abilities pops (hint hint Funko). But how have things been with mack, and yourself after the accident ?

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