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Photicular 3D Animation Book: the foremost in lenticular image technology produces these looping motion images that look like videos on a computer screen. This amazing book of 8 astonishing moving images is the creation of photographer/artist/inventor Dan Kainen where the moving images use Kainen’s patented process where a specially processed image slides under a thin film of lenticular lenses. Writer Carol Kaufmann puts each image into context incorporating fun science facts appropriate for kids yet informative to all.

Moiré Motion Card: a hummingbird springs to life in this motion animation from Moiré pattern effects of constructive and deconstructive interference. Opening and closing the top of this SmartMove card slides an image of lines printed on transparent film over a second image to produce the short loop.

Slinky Treadmill: kinetic motion energy transfers to elastic potential energy and then back to kinetic energy in a cycling process as a slinky spring “walks” down an incline. Put the system on a treadmill, such as this one at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and the walking behavior can be explored for many minutes. Note that after a while the slinky’s walking becomes erratic.

CineSpinner: motion animation from Moiré pattern effects of constructive and deconstructive interference.

Swirl and Twirl Toy: shaped by angular momentum and centripetal acceleration. When the speed of the ribbon is faster than the flicker fusion frequency of human vision it looks like a bubble. As the rotation speed increases the shape flattens- similar to the way the Earth bulges due to its rotation.

3D Lenticular Logo : from the gift shop of the museum of science, art, and human perception – an amazing lenticular optical illusion of depth in the museum’s theme of geometry and Op Art.

“Focal Decoder” Holiday Card: hidden images are revealed through ingenious and intricate Moiré pattern interference. Carefully align and slide the included transparent sheet of horizontal prisms (similar to a Fresnel lens) and the secret holiday images pop into view. Patented and manufactured by 3D Images Ltd. of London.

Thermochromic Constellation Mug: three of my favorite things combined! – coffee, astronomy, and a color changing physics mug. The color change employs lueco dyes, thermochromic chemicals that have two reversible forms, one colorless.

Microlouver Film Samples: like tiny blinds the films only a allow light to pass through at specific angles. Used for privacy screens for monitors or for glare reduction in car dashboard instrumentation.

Digital Sundial: a complex array of thinly layered microlouvers allows the control of transmitted sunlight depending on angle. Time is read by looking at the reflection of the filter in the bottom mirror. 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM shown here in 15 seconds of time lapse- note the movement of the shadow cast by the sun as the Earth turns underneath during this 2.5 hour interval. Astonishing engineering.

Time’s Up: inverse of the sandglass- tiny plastic beads are less dense than the water and thus ascend to the top of the container under the influence of a buoyant force in accordance with Archimedes’ principle. This timer takes almost exactly 6 minutes to complete shown here at normal speed for the first half of this video, and the second half is condensed to 24 seconds in time-lapse.

Memory Spring: some special alloys of brass can be made to have a shape memory triggered by temperature. These springs quickly change their length from 1 cm to 2.5cm when heated above 90 C (done here with hot water) and just as quickly shrink back to original size when cooled (immersed in cold water). Useful in many applications, especially things like automatic fire sprinkler valves.

Mini Wind Turbine: self-contained miniature horizontal axis wind turbine generates enough power to light three LEDs. A small turbine blade is attached to the rotor of a tiny generator that powers the LEDs. Conversion of energy- wind kinetic energy to rotational kinetic energy to electrical energy to light energy.

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