Kids are growing up and toys get old and useless. Well, we all know how much they cost, it’s such a pity to throw them away! There’s no need to throw them away – you can upcycle them into something cool and amazing! You can turn them into design objects and make your home cozier and more comfortable. In this tutorial video for kids, you’ll find a lot of exciting ideas on making cool DIY things from old toys. They will definitely boost your creativity and you’ll forget about boredom. Let’s start turning trash into treasure!

Did you know that if you cut a toy dinosaur into 2 halves, you’ll get an awesome phone stand from one half? Do you like keeping things in order? The same applies to any other plastic toys – check out our hanging rack made of old toy cows!

If you take a bean bag chair cover, you an put all your plush toys inside. This is how you solve 2 tasks – you clean up your room and you also get an awesome chair. Old toy cars can be turned into a cute photo frame.

There are many cool crafts that you can make out of old toys – for example, you can make a ring using a doll’s head. If you have an old teddy bear, you can easily turn it into a cool secret stash for goodies or money…or whatever (nobody will ever find out)!

It’s high time to get your “old stuff” box and make a cool DIY lamp using your old toys! This is a cool way to save your precious memories forever!

Watch this cool tutorial video up to the end and don’t forget to tell us about your favorite craft!


00:45 – Toy dinosaur phone stand
02:11 – Teddy bear secret stash
04:56 – Jar décor
07:06 – Cute sock toys


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