20 Kinder Joy Eggs – amazing Toys Inside Cars BeyBlade Toy set Flying Dragon Little Pony Hello Kitty

Who wants Surprises? We have surprises prepared for you! This is a Fantastic Surprise! Surely you will love it and surely you will enjoy it! Prepare yourself for this huge surprise from the 20 Amazing Kinder Joys Eggs with these surprising Toys inside! What are you waiting for? Let’s watch this!

In this video, we want to show you our new set of collection of Kinder Eggs Surprises, 12 Kinder Eggs for Boys and 8 Kinder Eggs for Girls. It is really amazing to witness all of these surprises. These are the amazing toys Hello Kitty Ring, Assembling Doll, Assembling Red Motorcycle, Assembling Toy Cars, My Little Pony, Little Octopus, Purple Tarantula, Assembling Soccer Ball, Assembling Beyblade toy set, Golden Flying Dragon, Rabbit Stamp, Assembling Flying Saucer, Basket Catching Ball and Spinning Toy Stand. Kinder Eggs Surprises is really the best for kids with such amazing toys inside plus another surprise that surely make them much happier to spend their day in eating the delicious chocolate on the other side of the Kinder Egg. Surprise Eggs like this is Incredible!!!

This is just one of our amazing toys surprises and we still have more prepared for you. We always want to give our viewer the best as possible. Thank you for watching our video. Don’t forget to Subscribe or like us in our Youtube channel. Thank You so much!