Paper is a perfect material for crafting. First of all, this way of crafting is perfect for families with little kids, because it’s not messy, secondly, it’s absolutely safe, thirdly, it will cost you nothing. Everyone has a lot of paper at home but few of us know that paper is a source of never-ending fun and creativity. Paper craftign helps to develop fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination! Watch this video and see yourself if you don’t believe me.

The first idea is very simple, yet it looks stunning! What about making a cute postcard for someone you really like! This handmade love message won’t take you a lot of time – just follow our kids tutorial and see what happens!

Another amazing idea is making paper chain garlands to decorate your home with. Try and make the longest paper chain garland! You can do this with your friends as well.

You can make a lot if cool things and toys of paper. For example, you can make a cool fish. Add some details and voila – it’s alive! Don’t let this fish be loney – make her some friends and let’s make a fish party.

The next craft will be really handy for a hot day – a paper fan. Make this romantic accessory for yourself or for your bestie or your mom. She’ll be delighted, I promise.

Paper is also good for making decorations. Learn how to make sweet and tiny origami butterflies. You can decirate whatever you want with these butterflies – make a garland, decorate a box or a photo frame. Another awesome paper craft is making beautiful paperflowers – this bouquet will never get old!


01:13 – Gift wrap
02:36 – DIY paper tricks
05:32 – Paper stars
06:59 – Paper flowers


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