Education is the number one priority for toddlers’ parents. But what about fun? Parenitng is not an easy task, especially when your kid is a toddler. Is not so easy to keep your kids both excited and educated at one and the same time. Luckily, we are here to save you! In this video, you can find numerous amazing crafts and diys for kids. Crafting, learning abc and numbers, drawing, kinesthetic activities and what not! Watch and craft together!

Fingerpainting is am amazing kinesthetic activity for toddlers. It develops both imagination and fine motor skills.There’s a lot of fingerpainting ideas we prepared for you in this video. Just use your imagination and decide what to turn your fingerprint into. A couple of sheep, a helicopter, a train, an airplane, a tank, a bee, a ladybug, a fish, a cat, a pig, a dog, a mouse, a bird, an alien, a lot of funny faces – here’s what we came up with. What are your ideas?

In this video for kids, you can find a lot of drawing activities for toddlers – drawing patterns, turning numbers into animals or fruit, even painting on milk (sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?).

A busy board is something that every curious toddler should have! There’s probably nothing better for a toddler’s development than this idea. In order to make it, we used doorknobs, furniture wheels, locks, a phone and what not! Interaction with all those small objects and various activities help to improve fine motor skills. A kid can touch, spin, twist, open – this can keep a toddler entertained for hours. There’s no need to buy an expensive busy board ready from a shop, you can just make one yourself.

It’s easy tot urn trash into treasure when it comes to making DIY toys for kids. For example, popsicle sticks that we often throw away can be turned into amazing puzzles. You’ll need a handful of sticks and some paint for this craft.


03:43 – DIY cubes
09:33 – Drawing patterns
12:27 – Drawing surprising pictures
20:39 – One line animals

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