Genius hacks for Barbie dolls for kids and adults

Do you still play Barbie dolls? Or maybe you have your old ones in your closet? Our amazing toy hacks will make you find them or even go to the store and buy a new one – you will definitely want to thy them!

Does your Barbie doll have damaged hair? No reason to worry anymore. Get your doll a hair makeover! Take a regular razor and shave the doll. Now remove its head and remove the remaining hair from the inside. Take some yarn (go for crazy color if you want or you can make it like a rainbow – anything you can possibly imagine!) and poke it through the holes in the head. Well done! Now you can brush the yarn, so your Barbie’s hair will look more natural.

Another awesome idea for a hair day for your dolls. Are you tired of boring plain blonde hair color? Time to change it! And I bet you have all the ingredients at home already. Put some water in a bowl and at few drops of food coloring (I went for blue color). Mix well! Now put your Barbie’s hair in the bowl. Be careful and use gloves not to dye your hands. Let the hair dry. Voila! New fashionable hair color looks wonderful!

You will find more breathtaking toy hacks and crafts in this video. Take your time, relax and have some fun during the crafty evening with you kids. They will definitely adore these ideas! 🙂

00:42 How to make a bikini for your Barbie
04:02 Cute little Barbie purse
09:21 Awesome DIY Barbie pool
15:11 Take your doll on vacations!

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