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Hey guys, Welcome to Tech Facts. Welcome you all with another funny video. Friends, today we are going to show you some such amazing robotic toys which are not only for children, but you will also like it very much. If you like it, you can buy these toys from Amazon, whose link description is given in it.

Chip: Here you have a very cute little robotic dog Chip, created by wowWee. Chip is a very intelligent robot dog who uses advanced sensors and smart accessories. Chip is always alert and ready to play. With the help of wheels, it can walk anywhere and can also make a sound from the mouth like dogs. It can feel and interact with the surroundings of its essence and can see everything with the help of advanced infrared vision. You can connect the chip with your phone using Bluetooth.

UBTech alpha 1S: This is a very amazing humanoid robot created by UBTech robotics, with which children would like to play big. Alpha 1S is very flexible and can move like humans. The funniest part of it is that it can do push-ups and headstands like exercise and yoga with you. Not only this, it can do much more along with dance. It is controlled through the app and you can program it according to your own using coding. It is designed for children over 12 years of age.

Miko: Miko, created by India’s Robotics Startup Company Emotix, is a robot that teaches your child every good habit along with eliminating loneliness. Miko is India’s first Companion Smartphone Enabled Robot, which inspires children to adopt good habits such as eating healthy food, exercising, etc. through attractive visuals or games. In this robot running on all three wheels, “emotional intelligence” has also been used and children can also talk with it. It is equipped with features like microphone and front camera.

MiP: It is a self-balancing robot, under which two wheels are used instead of the legs and two arms are attached to the body. This is a small robot in size, which is about 7 inches tall. This robot from WowWee is laced with GestureSesnse technology, which you can control with your hand gestures; Or you can also control from your phone through App. It can carry the same under its arms and due to sound detector technology it can react to the sounds around it.

Miposaur: Meet Miposaur, a fun robot from WowWee. It is built in the shape of a small dinosaur, which has two wheels for walking. Being laced with GuestSense technology, it can react to hand gestures and is controlled remotely through the App. It is quite nice to roam around in its surroundings and explore new things. This battery powered robot has LED lights on the back side, which changes its color according to its mood.
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