5 Ridiculously Cool Toys That Kids And Adults Will Enjoy

THE COOLEST TOYS lie at the crossroads of old-school and new-school. It’s a crowded intersection as Hot Wheels, Barbie, piggy banks, and footballs go high-tech. Kids these days play with blocks that teach them how to code, drones made out of Lego bricks, and Star Wars droids that work like your favorites in the movies. Picking an awesome toy for a lucky kid is easy. What’s hard is surrendering one long enough for them to play with it.

Product Links:

Sphero Mini : http://bit.ly/2xKLeVR

Star Wars Force Band : http://a.co/8Riz73D

POWERUP DART : http://crwd.ly/powerup_dart8

Ollie : https://store.sphero.com/collections/ollie

Aura Drone : http://aura-drone.com/us/

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