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I get asked often: “Where did you get all this stuff?” My goal is to share the real magic of science and physics- and to this end I will update here (and in my store) suggestions on where to get some of these toys, kinetic art pieces, and scientific curiosities for yourself.

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This video contains :

👉 “Focal Decoder” Holiday Card: hidden images are revealed through ingenious and intricate Moiré pattern interference.

👉 Christmas Pyramid: a simple heat engine- rotational motion resulting from the convection of hot air due to the candle flames of two tea lights.

👉 Holiday Vintage Aerolux Neon Glow Bulb: the letters and background filaments glow with light from the emission spectrum of excited neon. The tree glows green  from a coating of phosphor which is stimulated to emit green light by the ultraviolet (and invisible) emission line photons from the excited neon atoms. This bulb was made in the 1950s by Aerolux.

👉 Light Guide Animated Tree: an illuminated wine bottle stopper made of three layers of optical acrylic in the shape of a tree. Two white LEDs switch on and off lighting the first and second layers sequentially back and forth producing the animation effect.

👉 Infinity Star Mirror: parallel partially mirrored panes create the illusion of depth through the physics of reflection and refraction.

👉 Fiber Optic Galaxy Lamp: a vintage 1970s fiber optic lamp with a chrome “UFO” base. The fiber bundle is illuminated by a lamp in the base and the color shifting patterns are generated by a rotating color wheel placed between the light source and the fiber optic bundle.

👉 Monorail Top: gyroscope stabilized and powered vehicle rides a thin ribbon of metal on a single brass wheel – the last few seconds shown here in slow motion.

👉 Spinning Snowflakes Convection Candle: a simple heat engine- rotational motion resulting from the convection of hot air due to the candle flame of a tea light.

👉 Scandinavian Chimes*: a simple heat engine- sound and motion from the resulting convection of candle flame.

👉 Turbine Convection Color Candle: a simple heat engine by designer Achille Castiglioni- rotational motion resulting from the convection of hot air due to the candle flame of a tea light. Energy transfer: chemical bonds to heat to kinetic energy of the rising air to rotational kinetic energy of the turbine.

👉 Starfire Sphere: the inside surface of this sphere has a texture that consists of a repeating pattern of rounded triangular prisms that refract the light of the 24 LEDs  inside.

👉 Tannenbaum Marble Run: tree shaped kinetic marble toy cleverly constructed from a single piece of bent rod.

👉 Tea-Light Floating Engine: a candle powered super simple steam engine. The engine is just a coil of copper tubing filled with water. Steam builds up pushing water out with an explosive jet- which then results in a vacuum in the coil which pulls more water in to repeat the process.

👉 Bimetal Seesaw Engine: candle powered heat engine. A coiled bimetal strip, like that found in a thermostat, coils tighter when heated by the flame moving a counterweight that shifts the center of mass to the right and takes the coil out of the flame. The coil then cools returning the counterweight to the left which places the coil back over the flame- and the process repeats until the candle burns out. Any device that converts heat energy into mechanical motion is called a heat engine- like the very simple one here.

👉 Moiré Season’s Greetings: rotational moiré pattern generation on a Winter Holiday card from MoMA.

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