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This is a Barbie video. We play with dolls. The characters of this video are Disney princesses. Barbie and Ken live in the princess castle. It is a beautiful blue castle. It is a cold morning in winter. Barbie and Ken are asleep. It is time to wake up! Happy birthday Barbie! Today is barbie’s birthday! Toddlers Ken and Barbie have a present for princess Barbie. It is a puppy! A cute Tsum Tsum puppy. The girls eat breakfast in bed. Barbie is in the bathroom. She is wearing a pink bathrobe. She takes a bath with Orbeez water beads. The bath is so much fun! Barbie chooses to wear a beautiful blue dress for her birthday. Young Ken helps her with the makeup. The princess looks beautiful! Barbie is baking a birthday cake in the kitchen. The toddlers eat breakfast at the table. The guests are here! It is time for the birthday party. Barbie and Kristoff arrive. Barbie has a gift for princess Elsa. It is a beautiful blue dress! Elsa loves the dress. Kristoff also has a present for Elsa. It is a beautiful outfit with sparkles! Elsa the queen loves the clothes. She can’t wait to put the clothes in her wardrobe. The cake is delicious. Barbie had a great birthday! At the end of the video we visit the Disney castle. The dollhouse is beautiful. Olaf the snowman is in the princess bedroom. There is a puppy on the bed! The girls have bags and shoes everywhere. Barbie and Ken love stuffed animals of Disney characters and Tsum Tsum. There is a piano in the living room. The Shopkins are hiding in the kitchen. The dolls love the castle!

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Barbie bedroom – Barbie and Ken morning routine – Ken dress

Disney princess dolls who appear in this video are:
Elsa Anna Frozen
Barbie toddlers
Barbie videos for toddlers
Elsya Elsia Elssa – Anya Annia Ania Ana Annya

This Barbie video is about:
Barbie birthday
Doll play
Barbie bedroom
Barbie bathroom

This video is inspired by the Disney movie:
Barbie & Ken videos
Frozen videos
Barbie and Ken for toddlers

Hi friends! My name is Adnan. Welcome to my channel!
I make videos with Barbie dolls and Disney princess dolls and I show beautiful dresses and fashion accessories for my dolls. I made a dollhouse with pink furniture. I like to make Barbie videos of morning routine in the bedroom and of Barbie cooking in the kitchen.
I hope you enjoyed this video.
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