In this video, you will see Aniq on a toys shopping spree in a toys shopping mall for boys. Today, his dad took him to the toys shopping mall and Aniq spend about half an hour in that toys shop hunting around for toys for kids. You will see how Aniq changed his mind several times and decided to exchange different toys he earlier picked from the toys shop. You are going to see a lot of kids toys including nerf guns, mini toy drone, toy cars, different types of LEGO, construction vehicles set, toy robots, toy helicopter, dinosaur figure set (dinosaur world), x-shot nerf gun, marvel ultimate spiderman, racing toys, toys tool kit for kids, stunt car for kids, space heroes for boys, robot dogs, logo city, lego friends, lego junior, lego Disney, lego Ninjago, lego creator, super squishy beads for kids, mini ghosts for Halloween, double dealder nerf gun, batman scooter, spiderman scooter, avengers scooter, toys for Halloween, learning toys, toys for amazing playtime, pj masks toys, toys r us toys, toys for boys, fisher price toys, hot toys, best toys, vetch toys, and much more. This is going to be the best toys shopping video for kids where you will see first hand how Aniq hunt toys during a toys shopping haul. He got this inspiration from toys andme, toys and color, and ryan toysreview.

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