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Locked in My Art Room for 24 Hours

Hey Guys! Today I'm doing a fun(?) little experiment. Locking myself in my art/craft room for 24 hours. Now, I realize that this is NOT that intense LOL. I had a lot of space to work with, food, an air mattress.....it was a pretty cushy set up. BUT the point of this wasn't really...


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Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #17

Hey guys! Today is another squishy makeover. I am using 3 squishies that were sent to me from viewers AND COMBINING THEM into one epic creation *kinda*. CHECK OUT THE NEW ME DECALS: https://me-merch.myshopify.com/collections/die-cut-stickers?page=1 *IF the decals are sold out when you check on the shop, don't worry! We may bring back another batch in the future...

Unboxing Homemade Squishy Surprise

Maaf ya teman teman kalau homemade squishy surprise nya jelek karena aku ngak pinter buatnya da maaf kalau bacsound nya berisik karena aku bikinya malam oke Jangan lupa Like Coment Share And subscribe

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nouveau unboxing du magasin action . ▶️pour revoir la vidéo : unboxing ACTION objets antistress casse-tête slime squishy https://youtu.be/KjjWpPli6oI ▶️pour revoir la vidéo : Je déballe 3KG de slime et des objets anti stress WTF c'est ici 👇🏻 https://youtu.be/szRtPN_Sz70 ▶️pour revoir la vidéo ou je découpe le lama c'est la 👇🏻 https://youtu.be/iuaTOn5AkKo musique : Life of Riley par Kevin MacLeod est...

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https://www.facebook.com/squishygiare1996/ Facebook: Squishy Giá Rẻ Ins: #squishygiare1996 zalo: 0962328287 #unboxingsquishy


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Today I showed you guys my entire squishy collection for 2019! I did a squishy collection in 2018, so if you’d like to, go ahead and check that out! The link will be below this! I really hope you guys enjoy my squishy collection! ____________________________________________ 💜 CONTACT ME! 💜 🐰 MY INSTAGRAM: CuteFads https://www.instagram.com/cutefads/?hl=en ✉️ MY EMAIL: cutefads@gmail.com 📫️...

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