Hi guys, today we are playing with this Disney Pixar Cars 3 Service Station.
This Service Station is the one-stop-shop for all of Lightning McQueen’s racing needs! This life size service station comes with a Lightning McQueen vehicle! You can place Lightning on the working car lift. Turn the knob to activate lights and Lightning McQueen phrases. You will feel like a real mechanic as they work right along-side their favorite race car! The set comes with over 18 play pieces including an air wrench, play jumper cables, stickers, Phillips screws, wrench, a working lamp that really lights up, and a gas can to keep Lightning fueled up and ready for the races! Use the kid-powered air wrench and screws to tighten his tires. The jumper cables attach to his engine for a race-ready boost! Racers can use the stickers to customize the service station. It even comes with two built-in drawers for holding all the handy tools. When finished tuning up Lightning McQueen, the lid of the station closes for easy storage!
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