This video is dedicated to the mascot of Gegulapop, Aboo.

Hey guys! Today we received a super exciting review package from the one and only Gegulapop! They were so kind and decided to send us a review package of their shop, and this is the first ever review package we’ve gotten! we find their store being a lot cheaper than others, so we definitely recommend you to buy from their lovely store 🙂

Store name:Gegulapop
Store location:Beserah, Kuantan, Malaysia
Opening hours:12pm – 11pm
Youtube:mimi chokobi

Squishy prices:
Toast/Loaf: RM15
Jumbo emoji bun: ——–
Panda bun sphere: RM12
Hello kitty figure: RM30
Mini emoji bun: ——–
Mini emoticon bun: ——-
Mini panda bun spheres: RM6
Kapibarasan squeeze toy: RM16
Edamame squeeze toy: RM9
Panda toast: RM5?

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Thank you all so much for reading and watching! Make sure to subscribe, we have an upcoming giveaway soon! Make sure to check out Gegulapop’s links and if possible, go to the actual store! If you’re visiting Malaysia, we recommend visiting Gegulapop 🙂 In our opinion, they are cheaper than other stores :3