We are unwrapping today Kinder Surprise BIG Egg vs Kinder Surprise Bunny.
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Hi all I think the today’s ‘fight’ gonna be interesting. In one corner we have a BIG Kinder Surprise Egg in the second corner is Kinder Surprise Bunny. Both are a part of the Easter Edition/Collection 2013 from Kinder – Ferrero. As a biggest fans of all Kinder products myself and my son Sami we love Kinder chocolate but we love to see what is inside of all Kinder Surprise things 🙂 So today we gonna take a look inside of Kinder Surprise Egg and Kinder Surprise Bunny. We paid for Kinder Big Egg 6 euro and for a Kinder Surprise Bunny 3.60 I think. We going to compare the toys we will find in them.

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